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Latest 'Carers' magazine


Welcome to the Winter edition of Carers magazine

Featured in this edition are carers Jenny and Chris, who show us how sharing tears and laughter with another carer can keep you going. We are inviting carers to tell us how gardening helps you cope with the stresses of life and send in a picture - we'll print as many as we can.

We bring you news of the carers conference which was a runaway success, and introduce you to Emma Wilkinson, the new Carers in Bedfordshire Chairperson.
There are lots of resources which might help you such as

  • About Me - to help you find local resources
  • Age UK's Respite service in Central Bedfordshire
  • Carers in Bedfordshire's Counselling service

How about getting yourself some more tips and information? A selection of our workshop sessions for Jan-March is listed on pages 12 - 13. Public Health have also offered advice on Staying Warm and Well.

You can find out what Adult Carers said in the 2017 Carers in Bedfordshire Survey  and have your say on local services provided by voluntary and community organisations.

Finally, could you be one of the 100 people who sign up to our Choose Your Challenge by taking on your very own challenge ready for 2018 and raise £100 for Carers in Bedfordshire? Or take the easier route and Choose Helen's Challenge! All will be clear on p22-23.

You can download the full magazine here or contact us on 0300 111 1919 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy.

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