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Carers at Christmas - meet Natasha


Christmas can bring added pressures along with the presents.
Meet Natasha and family

Natasha, a parent carer, has been kind enough to share her thoughts about being Carer at Christmas.

“Christmas is perhaps the most challenging time of year for us families with children on the autistic spectrum. For most families, there is so much going on: carol services, visiting relatives, decorations, presents, parties, different food, and so on.”

“A stranger told my daughter that if she ‘screamed like that,’ Santa wouldn’t bring her any presents. My daughter was having a difficult day, and was at the end of her ability to cope. Our special children are already doing their best all the time to manage without breaking down, so at Christmas, with even more pressure, perhaps we should avoid pairing behaviour with the promise of presents?”

“But there’s joy to be had, too – and with the right support, some quiet time, and awareness from those around us, we can all share a joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year caring for each other.”

You can read her full story here

This festive season, we are asking you to help us to support carers like Natasha, to make sure that all carers get the support that they need all throughout the year.

Please follow this link to donate: Carer at Christmas donation

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