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We are continually adding to this page so if there is anything you would find useful please let us know.

Your Caring Role

Bedfordshire & Luton Directory 2016/17: Care Providers and Care Homes in Bedfordshire

Carers UK - Carers Rights Guide

A downloadable NHS Guide to Caring or read more here online.

Rethink Mental Illness and the Meriden Family Programme have created a series of publications enititled Caring for Yourself to help people with mental health problems and carers, family and friends. It is particularly useful if you support someone with any mental health condition.
Being A Carer
Communication Skills
Problem Solving
Relapse Management
Recovery and Hope
Taking Care of Yourself

OnePlusOne's online relationship guide for carers:

OnePlusOne & Contact a Family's online resource for parent carers - Relationship Tool


The CQC 2016 Community Mental Health Survey can be accessed here.


A recent report published by Diabetes UK about Diabetes across the UK - The State of the Nation 2016

AGE UK's October 2016 publication of Hidden in Plain Sight (addressing the mental health needs of older people)

NHS Self Help Guides on a variety of conditions can be found online here.

Young & Sibling Carers

Go to our Publications page to find our latest E Magazine.  

The relaunch of SuperKids! Read more here.....

Have you seen Babble?! Babble is an online space just for carers to get support and chat to other carers. It is run by the Carers Trust and is for carers up to 18yrs.

Read more about Babble here...

Alzheimer's UK have a fantastic children’s website 'Dementia Explained', which helps young people better understand dementia.

Read more about the Report from the Commission on Children and Young People`s Mental Health 2016

Go to our Publications page to find our latest E Magazine.