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Memory Navigation Service


The Memory Navigation Service is a Bedfordshire-wide (excluding Luton) telephone-based service for people worried about their memory or living with dementia, and carers.

This service launched in January 2017 and can be contacted on 0300 111 9090

  • for people to call with any memory-related concerns (either for yourself or someone you care for)
  • for the latest information on services available
  • to book onto programmes of support
  • staffed by specially trained volunteers working with trained staff

Clinical input will be provided by an ELFT Dementia Nurse specialist.

If you have concerns about your memory please first contact your GP. Your GP can talk through your individual circumstances and answer any questions. The GP may refer you to the Memory Assessment Service.

What is The Memory Assessment Service?

The Memory Service is a specialist assessment service within the NHS that aims to meet the needs of people who are concerned that they may have  a memory problem. The team is made up of specialist doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and psychologists. They assess and diagnose the nature of the person’s memory difficulties, report this to the family doctor and advise on further treatment or intervention.

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