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Herbert Protocol

Do you care for someone with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or memory problems and worry they may go missing?

There is nothing more frightening than when a loved one, friend or neighbour fails to return to where they should. For people living with someone with dementia this could be quite common. The Herbert Protocol can give you some peace of mind.

What is it?

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme designed not only to prevent people living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or memory problems going missing but to improve responses for locating them if they do.

The Herbert protocol is a quick form and photo ID stored within the police database and used if needed regarding these vulnerable people.

It would be helpful for families where there is a person with dementia, to complete this form and let the police have it on their files to make things more efficient should a person with dementia go missing.

Please print this form and hand in to Bedfordshire Police or follow the Email and Fax instructions on the form.

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