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Carer's Story: What the Henlow Club means to me


Carers Story: what the Henlow Club means to me

Shirley has been coming along to the Henlow Carers Wellbeing group for a while. She took the time to write a poem and a Christmas message, which she shared at the group about what it means to her

It's down the road and round the bends
That's the way the satnav sends
Henlow is a happy club
Better than going to the pub
It costs nothing, it is free
On arrival it's coffee or tea
We have singalongs and fun
And puddings and poems for everyone
The helpers are so nice and kind
We sit there and just unwind
For some of us are in the dark
They give us just a little spark
We have good news
With people's views
And happy friendly faces
In times of worry and stress
It helps kick over the traces
All you helpers from Bedford and around
We thank you and you astound us with your care
You do not get this everywhere
Merry Christmas to all of you
And Father Christmas sends it too
Merry Christmas and all the best
It's time for you to have a rest