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Need Fundraising Ideas?


Need some inspiration for fundraising?

You can fundraise anywhere- at work, at school or in the community!

At School/Colleges

There are so many ways kids and young people can join in – raising money and learning valuable lessons, too. 

What could your school do to fundraise for Carers in Bedfordshire?

Kids love sponsored activities, too – or doing jobs for donations.  And it’s not just for schools.  There are so many ways for groups like Brownies and Guides, Cubs and Scouts, as well as youth groups and church groups to join in, too.

Getting involved in community events can really beneift young people too and help them to understand the lives of carers, especially young carers!

At Work

Dress down Fridays?  Cake sales in the canteen? There are so many ways you can fundraise at work.....

Ask your employer if they have a Matched Giving scheme – if they do, that could double the value of your fundraising! 

“Making us your company’s charity of the year will give us the opportunity to support you in running fundraising events throughout the year. We will promote the partnership through our social media and magazine and it’s a great way to get involved in a cause and make a difference in your local community”

There are so many ways to raise money in the office

  • Guess the baby – everyone brings in pictures of themselves as a baby and you pay to guess who each one is
  • Skill Bidding – people write down a skill that they have and would be happy to teach for an hour, people bid for the lesson in an auction style
  • Office Etiquette – ban certain actions and have a list of fines for breaking the rule
  • Swear/buzzword jar – list of fines for swearing / overusing corporate speak and company buzzwords
  • Foreign coin collection – bring in the coins from your holiday that you can’t exchange, call Cash4Coins to collect them and tell them who to donate the money to
  • Jailbreak – managers/board members are “locked” in a room with their phone, chargers and address books. They can be released once they have raised enough money for their “bail”

With Friends and Family

Fundraising is always much more fun with friends!

Coffee mornings, potluck dinners, pub nights – the possibilities are endless – and getting together with family or friends can be a fun way to raise money while you’re all having a great time.

One of our volunteers raised more than £200 last year just by having coffee every week with a group of friends.  You’ll be surprised how quickly it all adds up!

Is there something you’re really good at?  Get together and use your combined talents and skills to fundraise – whether that’s making jam, teaching karate, knitting socks, building websites, or…  well, only you know what you do best!  

Hold a Quiz Night

Nothing like a quiz night to get your brain going – and test your memory! 

They’re also a great way to raise money – charge people for their tickets, lay on supper, have a raffle, add in some extra games between rounds, and so on.  Pubs are a great venue for quizzes, but village halls or schools are good too. 

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Fundraising Team

Fundraising Team

Fundraising team

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