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Latest Information


Latest Information

As a carer, it can be hard to keep up-to-date with what is going on.

Here you can find newly released national information and up-to-date information about local organisations.

As a carer, it can be hard to keep up-to-date with what is going on.

Here you can find newly released national information and up-to-date information about local organisations.

Carer Specific Information

Supporting Carers Health & Wellbeing in the workplace – Carers UK. To read report.  18/5

Providing unpaid care to adults with learning disabilities and autistic adults - Visit website. 18/5

Caring behind closed doors report by Carers UK. To read.  27/4

New guidance for unpaid carers by To read more. 9/4

Open University Scholarships for unpaid carers. To read more. 9/4

Coronavirus Updates for Parent Carers. Visit website. 9/4

Bedfordshire ELFT Services call for feedback from carers and service users. Visit website. 6/4

Carers Allowance break relaxed by Carers UK. Visit website. 9/4

Food Updates

List of local companies providing food deliveries in Bedfordshire. To read more.
Sainsbury’s Volunteer shopping cards. To read more.
Central Bedfordshire SNAP PCF. Providing Sunflower Lanyards for members. To read more.

Local Support Organisations: Update 29/6

There are a number of surveys both locally and nationally which allows you to have your say in social and health care services.  It is important for carers to make sure that their voice is heard.  Further information found here 


Local Support Organisations Updates. Visit website

Local Health Services Updates. Visit website. Updated 29/6

Millbrook Health recall of equipment. Read document. 18/5
Dealing with Domestic Abuse – Bedfordshire Police. Visit website. 18/5
Audio Books from BorrowBox by Bedfordshire Libraries. Visit website 18/5
Gentle exercise suitable for older adults. To read. 18/5
Stay at home storytime. Visit Facebook page

Alzheimer’s Society Singing for the Brain on Facebook Starts Thursday 30 April. For further details.  27/4
Mind BLMK providing support videos online  27/4

  • How might I deal with difficult emotions? To listen.
  • What to expect from the Mind Crisis Café. To listen.

Bedfordshire ELFT Services call for feedback. Visit website. 6/4
Mind BLMK taking referrals for support. To read more. 9/4
Bedfordshire Employment & Training Service is using a remote service. To request support. 9/4


Active Minds Scheme – free craft kits, games, jigsaws and books available. To read. 18/5
Bedford Borough – SEND Matters – new newsletter for Parent Carers. To read 18/5
Bedford Open Doors open for referrals. To read more. 9/4

Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire Council - Temporary changes to SEND legislation and regulations (children). Read pdf. NEW 29/6

Central Bedfordshire Council – SEND News. Read updatesNEW 29/6

Central Bedfordshire Healthwatch - Feedback wanted. Visit website. 17/4
Young Healthwatch Central Beds volunteer – The struggle of being an A-Level student worrying about the virus.To read more. 9/4

Local Courses Online: updated 29/6

Disabililty Resource Centre - Wellbeing Courses - Visit website - NEW 29/6

NOAH Academy courses. To read. NEW 29/6

Recovery College - Running workshops online. For details follow on Facebook and Twitter

Latest Coronavirus Updates: Updated 29/6

Staying safe outside your home – Visit website. NEW 29/6

Local bus company - Stagecoach information. Visit websiteNEW 29/6

Face mask exemptions. Visit website.  NEW 29/6

Face Mask exemption cards NEW 29/6

Support Bubbles – Meeting people from outside your household. Visit websiteNEW 29/6

What to do when someone dies during the COVID-19 pandemic in various languages. Visit websiteNEW 29/6

Coping with Coronavirus – Beyond Words. Visit websiteNEW 29/6

Unpaid Carers can request a coronavirus test. Visit website. 18/5

To check your symptoms. Visit website. 18/5

To request a coronavirus test. Visit website. 18/5

Latest Lockdown changes – To read. 18/5

Easy Read: New rules for lockdownVisit website. 18/5

Easy Read: Looking after your feelings and your body – Public Health England. Visit website. 18/5

4 ways to spot a coronavirus financial scam and to protect people affected by dementia. Visit website. 18/5

Guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection by Visit website. 17/4

COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings. Visit website.  17/4

Help the NHS track coronavirus symptoms. Visit website. 9/4

Data charges removed from NHS websites You are now able to access NHS websites - and for free. It will not use your data allowance or mobile credit. To read more. 9/4

Receiving official Coronavirus information through Whatsapp by To read more.7/4

Financial, Employment and Education - updated 2/7

The Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Adult Learning Service update NEW 2/7

Information about coronavirus and claiming benefits. Visit website NEW 29/6

Coronavirus & Direct Payment GuidelinesTo read more.  30/4

Employment & Caring updated. Visit website. 30/4

New webpage added - Finances and Coronavirus Updates. Visit website. 13/4

Open University Scholarships for unpaid carers. To read more. 9/4

Learning from living, a free e-learning resource by Carers UK.. View Twitter. Visit website. 9/4

Mental Health/Illness Resources - Updated 2/7

NHS 111 mental health support for all ages. View jpg. NEW 2/7

Mental Health NHS Services - Bedford Borough NEW 2/7
Mental Health NHS Service - Central Bedfordshire NEW 2/7

ELFT Telephone Befriending Service for service users now available. To read more.  27/4

Mental Illness
Hearing Voices Network - suitable for anyone experiencing moderate to severe mental illness. Visit website. 17/4
Self-Help leaflets for Mental Health issues. Visit website. 17/4

For children & young people
CAMHS website for young people and their carers to help during the coronavirus lockdown. Visit website. 17/4
Think Ninja – mental health app for children – coronavirus information is included. To read more. 17/4

New Information

Dementia Radio Station - visit website. NEW 2/7 

Direct Payments and employing PAs by DRC. Visit website. 18/5

Need someone to check on family or friend in another area, you can contact Your This is a church network that can see who is available to help in that area and will arrange a visit if possible. 30/4

Seek medical help if needed. To read more. 30/4

Stay in Work out video to encourage you to keep fit during this time.  To watch. 30/4

Coronavirus Information Book for Children by Gruffalo illustrator, Axel Scheffler. Visit website. 17/4

Coronavirus resources for Parent Carers by Central Bedfordshire Council. Pdf document. 17/4

Online Safety for Children. To read more. 17/4

Seeking medical help for serious conditions - Patients and the public must continue to seek medical help for serious conditions during this COVID-19 pandemic by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. Pdf document. 17/4

Health at Home by NHS. Visit website. 17/4

BSL interpreters available for free. To read more. Visit website. 17/4

Arthritis support  COVA – the COVID-19 Virtual Assistant. Visit website. 17/4

British Heart Foundation: Coronavirus: what it means for you if you have heart or circulatory disease. Visit website. 17/4

Cancer and Coronavirus. Visit website. 17/4

New webpage added - Your Wellbeing and Technology. Visit website. 9/4

New webpage added - Looking after your wellbeing during the coronavirus. Visit website. 9/4

You can exercise more than once a day if it is a medical-related need. To read more.9/4

Data charges removed from NHS websites You are now able to access NHS websites and for free. It will not use your data allowance or mobile credit. To read more 7/4

Using Social Media

Best video conferencing apps and software for accessibility by Scope. To read more.

How to use Zoom – Easy Read. Pdf document.

Keeping in touch using a video callTo read more.

The Learn My Way website covers topics that will help improve your internet skills. You can learn how to use the internet and send emails, how to socialise using social media, make video calls and online shopping. It also covers how to access Universal Credit online. There are many more topics. Visit website.

The Open University offers several courses for free: Web GuideVisit websiteDigital Literacy - succeeding in a digital worldVisit websiteUsing the internet safelyVisit website.

Adapting your Computer. If you need to adapt your computer because you have an issue with vision, hearing, motor skills and memory, My Computer My Way can help. Visit website.

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