Carers Stories

Carers in Bedfordshire is a registered charity. We are here to help unpaid carers of all ages, right across Bedfordshire, with information, support and advice. We give voice to their concerns.

Mark Love

Mark's Blog

A funny, moving, and raw account from Mark, who cares 24/7 for his 18-year-old son. It’s a totally honest view of their world, which we think many carers will be able to relate to, depicting what life is really like. It shows the true emotions and frustrations many carers go through behind closed doors and the toll this can take on a family and an individual.

Jane on bench

Jane's Story

Jane shares her experience of navigating the system to get respite. She has cared for four members of her family.

Dave fishing

Dave's Story

Dave cares for his wife Sarah, who has physical disabilities. He took up 3-D printing during lockdown and is a keen angler.

Patricia with Life Inna Lockdown book

Patricia's Story

Parent carer Patricia was part of a group of 22 women who met on a weekly community Zoom meeting, who collectively decided to write a book.

Isobel with her son

Isobel's Story

My son has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, ASD, ADHD, a heart condition, diabetes, asthma & anxiety.

Ashley and his son

Ashley's Story

Seven years ago, I became a dad,  Never did I envisage the journey that my newly born child, my wife, and I would embark on.

Chris and Jenny

Chris' Story

Chris’s husband Nick has lived with Huntington’s disease for more than 25 years. He moved into a local nursing home in 2020.

Ena Loum

Ena's Story

 I am an accountant by profession. I gave up my career to care full-time for my son, Musa, 16.

Paula and her quilts

Paula's Story

I care for m20-year-old son Harry, who has severe epilepsy. A few years agoI caught the sewing bug.

anon sad

Rollercoaster Story

Living with second-hand depression and the roller coaster ride that is being a full-time unpaid carer.

A man with a beard and glasses and a young boy are looking at the camera

Mark's Story

Mark’s 10-year old son, Ralph, has ADHD and OCD. He moved in with Mark in 2019 and he has been a full-time carer ever since.


Edward's Story

Parent carer and senior nurse Edward opens up about why he set up a group to help men to look after their mental health.


Tony's Story

As someone who applies each year for the carers grant, I cannot emphasise enough the invaluable support it provides.

Kayson and Kay Gurney

Kayson's Story

Kayson has cared for his 84-year-old mother Kay for the last seven years, after he moved back into the family home. 


Eileen's Story

Eileen is a former carer for her mother who had Alzheimer’s. She talks about the needs of employers to be flexible and embrace carers.

Eshe cut out

Eshe's Story

I’m closer to my younger brother than most siblings, we’re more like friends. He doesn’t have much contact with others his age.


Lynn's Story

Lynn is a busy carer who has signed up as a volunteer. She spoke to us about why she volunteers.

Close up of female gardener hands holding seedling. Woman holding sapling with soil in cupped hands.

Christine's Story

Christine has been a carer for her husband for many years and is now supporting him 24/7.

Lord-Lieutenant Helen Nellis

HM Lord-Lt of Bedfordshire

My mother lived with Multiple Sclerosis when I was growing up. 


Ortrud's Story

Ortrud explains how, despite being reluctant at first, counselling has really helped her.  

Susan and her mum

Susan's Story

Susan made an important find after the the reminiscence session of one of our Ancestry Talks.

Jenny Bowers

Jenny's Story

Young carers Jacobi and Aerith help care for their mum, Jenny who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Jamaal Otieno

Jamaal's Story

Jamaal cares for his younger brother, who is 13. He has ADHD and Autism. 

Jamaal explains what it’s like to be a young carer.


Eve's Story

Eve has learning disabilities and she cares for her husband Pete, who has several diagnoses. She talks about the impact of caring on her condition.