Dave’s story

Dave fishing

Dave cares for his wife Sarah, who has physical disabilities. He took up 3-D printing during lockdown and is also a keen angler.

I got very despondent during lockdown – at one point, I couldn’t even look after myself, let alone Sarah. I couldn’t go fishing or to the Men in Sheds workshop where I volunteered. A neighbour lent me his home 3D printer and I’ve really got into it. In fact, I’ve ended up buying my own. An NHS carers grant helped me buy some supplies.

I’ve made loads of things, from key rings to phone holders, Meccano, toothpaste squeezers and car door panel clips. The possibilities are endless! I like making useful things, but also decorative pieces like a treehouse nightlight which I will paint and an elder tower. I’ve made a fort and soldiers to go with it. 

It’s a good hobby to have because I can do it from home and be with Sarah. I’m using my brain much more and feel like I’m fulfilling my potential. There’s so much to learn. It’s even helped with my dyslexia. You have to CAD design the piece on the computer and use different software to print it. One of my grandson’s loves sitting with me at the pc and later seeing the end product. 

I’m going to learn how to do laser engraving. I’d like to buy some kit so I can remotely 3D print bigger pieces that take a long time. 

Sarah says I was a grumpy so-and-so before I got into wood work and now the 3D printing. And she hated being stuck indoors. Now we have more laughs and the 3D printing has brought us closer together.