Lynn’s story


Lynn is a busy carer and has recently signed up as a volunteer, she spoke to us about why she volunteers. 

I have been caring for an elderly aunt for some years now and a couple of years ago I managed to move her from Manchester to Bedford. That is when I was introduced to Carers in Bedfordshire. Whilst chatting to a volunteer, I was told about the grant system and I was lucky enough to receive funding towards gym membership.

Wow! How that helped me. The acknowledgment that I deserved to look after myself. Not having to feel guilty about spending money on myself. Realising how much the support has helped me, I wanted to do something for others.  

I have a professional background in occupational therapy and Health and Social Care training. I now play a lead role in church and try to support others. I also have qualifications in counselling, management and business coaching. Two of my own granddaughters have disabilities. 

I feel these skills are being unused at the moment and if I can offer those they will not be wasted. I am surprised to find that I also miss having a ‘leadership role’. A belonging to an organisation. Being someone other than wife, mother, grandmother and carer. I miss having ‘a badge’. I am so looking forward to proudly being part of this worthwhile group and hopefully meeting some of you.