Ortrud's story

Ortrud explains how, despite being reluctant at first, counselling has helped her.  

“I first tried counselling 6 years ago but it did not help. I was reluctant to try again but I am caring for my husband who has MS. It is very important to create a stress free home as it can make MS worse. However, my past was causing me a lot of pain and I was struggling to cope. 

Though I was a bit apprehensive before the first session, the counsellor was very kind and understanding. My only hope was that she would help me to work through everything and show me ways how to empty, or at least order, my mental wastepaper basket. She has helped me process a lot of difficult memories and my mental health has certainly improved. If I had not had counselling, I would have been in a very dark place during lockdown. I strongly recommend counselling. It will really help you.”