Learning Disability

If you care for a person with a learning disability, whether it’s your son or daughter, brother or sister, parent, partner or other relative or friend, you are not alone

Being a carer

Family carers of people with learning disabilities are often unique amongst carers in that they will experience a lifetime of caring.

Negotiating the health, education and social care systems through infancy, childhood and adulthood can be a daunting task. Each stage can bring increased challenges and unwelcome changes for both you and your relative. This is where Carers in Bedfordshire can support you.

Carers in Bedfordshire has a range of options to support you, the carer. Register with us or visit the how we can help section to find out more

Carers and needs assessments

If the person you are caring for is struggling to cope by themselves, you can arrange a Needs Assessment from their local council. You can have a Carers Assessment at the same time. 

For further information about these assessments, visit our Getting a Carers and Needs Assessment information page.

Local support

If the person you are caring for has a learning disability, you can get advice and support from your local council:

If you are caring for a child, you can find services and support via the Local Offer pages of the local authority:

These charities also provide useful support: