Caring for someone with dementia can bring particular challenges. As well as all the changes typical caring can bring (financial, physical etc.) you may be more affected emotionally as the person you love changes, as well as facing different practical issues, including keeping them safe.

What is dementia?

The word dementia describes a set of symptoms that may include memory problems, difficulty concentrating, struggling with planning and attention, difficulties with language and sometimes changes in a person’s mood or personality.

These symptoms may range from mild, where they may be difficult to recognise at first to so severe that it affects someone’s day to day life.

You can read more on the Memory in Bedfordshire website.

Caring for someone with dementia

The type of support you need will vary depending on your individual circumstances. Here at Carers in Bedfordshire we offer a variety of support routes from 1:1 home visits, drop in Memory Gateway groups providing information and advice to regular carers groups and activities where, under normal circumstances, carers can relax and socialise with others.

To find out more about the support Carers in Bedfordshire can offer you, please take a look at our Dementia Services

Carers assessment

If the person you are caring for is struggling to cope by themselves, you can arrange a Needs Assessment from their local council. You can have a Carers Assessment at the same time. For further information about these assessments, click the link: Needs Assessment – Carers Assessment.

Local support

The Bedfordshire Memory Navigation Service provides support and advice for people living with memory loss and dementia. They also support family members. For details, Visit the memory navigation service website.

Tibbs Dementia Foundation also provides support. Visit the Tibbs Dementia Foundation website.

The Bedfordshire Dementia Handbook provides an overview of all the support you can receive throughout the county.