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Every household is being affected by a massive hike in heating, grocery and petrol costs.

We know how heavily this impacts upon carers, so we’ve put together some tips to help get you through the winter ahead:

  • Make sure your boiler has been serviced so that it is working efficiently.
  • Make sure your radiators are heating up fully and the space around them is clear.
  • Turn down radiators in unused rooms.
  • Close doors to keep the heat in and cover letterboxes and keyholes to block draughts.
  • Open your curtains when it’s sunny and shut them when the sun goes down as they act as a form of insulation.
  • Adjust your thermostat on milder days.
  • Dress in layers. Clothes made from wool, cotton or fleecy fabrics are warmest.
  • Remember to turn your appliances off completely when not in use.
  • Have regular hot drinks and food such as porridge, soups and stews.
  • Keep as active as possible to boost your circulation. Move around at least once an hour.
  • When you are sitting, put your feet up if you can, as it’s coldest nearest the ground.
  • Microwave warmers are safer alternatives to hot water bottles which can burst, leak or scold. But do not give to young children as their skin is too sensitive, or if you are an older person with sensitive skin or have reduced feeling in parts of your body.
  • A modern electric blanket is safe to use, but it‘s not recommended to keep them on all night or for children under five.
  • Window and door rubber seals, and draught excluders, will close openings where heat might escape. The Energy Saving Trust provides tips on how to draft proof your windows and doors. 
  • Energy saving light bulbs (LEDs) use approximately 80 per cent less electricity and last for years.
  • Rugs on bare wooden floors help keep your home warmer but be careful they don’t become a trip or slip hazard.
  • If you are a housing association tenant contact your landlord directly as they may be able to help you energy proof the house.
  • It is worth checking to make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to. You can use an online calculator to find out.

Local council websites have a lot of information about help you might be entitled to:

As well as hosts a lot of useful information.

GoCompare has also developed a useful energy cost calculator tool, to find out how much appliances cost to run. Use the calculator to pick the appliances you want to compare and select how long they’ll be in use for. (Please note we are not endorsing the business GoCompare, but directing carers to the useful calculator)

Do you need financial help?

We can add you to our prioritised mailing list to receive the latest information and financial support available to you this winter. 

Warm Spaces
If you’re worried about the cost of heating your home Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council have complied a list of Warm Spaces where residents can go to stay warm.
The rise in the cost of living and increased energy bills means that many of you will struggle with your heating bills this winter. People will be faced with tough decisions about when they can afford to heat their home.
Both local authorities have created a network of free, non-judgemental, Warm Spaces which they will continually update their websites with as new spaces become available.

Find the list of spaces for:

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