Dementia Carer Stories

Here some dementia carers talk about their experiences and the challenges they face

Lee’s story

It didn’t come as a shock when Jane, my wife of over 40 years, was diagnosed with dementia with Alzheimer’s.  For months previously she had shown classic symptoms –

"Over the following months there was the inevitable range of questions and emotions bubbling under the surface – guilt, remorse, frustration, anger, they were all there."

David’s story

I am Dave Matthews and my wife is Mavis. This is our story. It is a journey from Spring, through Summer and now into Autumn.

"It has been the most difficult few years of my life as I have fought to understand & deal with a “new” Mavis, but also the most rewarding as I see what love can do when medical science has no answer."

Ernie’s story

Former carer Ernie talks about his wife’s struggles with dementia and the toll caring had on his health and wellbeing.

"I needed that help to know where I should go"

Susan’s story

Susan made an important find after the the reminiscence session of one of our Ancestry Talks

"It’s just so lovely for my mum, who I care for who has dementia, and my aunts that they now have this clasp. It’s helped us to connect and find out more about the family history."

Susan and her mum

Kayson’s story

Kayson has cared for his 84-year-old mother Kay for the last seven years, after he moved back into the family home.

"It’s heart breaking to see my mother deteriorate. As someone gets worse with dementia you take on more and more things you never thought you’d have to do.".

Kayson and Kay Gurney
Kayson and Kay Gurney
Kayson and Kay Gurney