As a Carer you may need to clean up when your loved one has been incontinent. This could involve cleaning the person, sofas, floors and beds. 

For many of us, cleaning a person following incontinence can be worrying, and initially upsetting, but then becomes part of the caring role. 

Dealing with Incontinence

On a tough day, another bodily fluid clear up can be a tipping point for some of us. 

So here’s our carers’ guide to staying sane and safe in the world of bodily fluids. 

Don’t forget you are not alone. You can always call us if it’s all too much today.  

Emotional Tips

  • Play some music while we clear up – whatever genre makes us feel good.  
  • Reframe the situation in your mind. Shift your focus towards something positive in your situation: 


“Think of changing the bedding again as another workout!” 

  • Find something to be grateful for: 


“I am grateful for my washing machine or the sunshine that can dry all this quickly!” 

“I’m grateful that I’m in good enough health to be able to do this for my loved one” 


  • Don’t forget to reward yourself when you have finished the task. Put your feet up – have a hot drink. Breathe. It’s done. Well done.  

Practical Tips


  • Use single waterproof sheets to cover sofa cushions, then top that with something easy to wash, but still attractive. There are some lovely single sheet designs that you could choose.  
  • Replace the back cushions of the sofa with outdoor, waterproof cushions, or use a fitted sheet to cover the cushions and another sheet for colour. Like this one: Waterproof Single Sheet 



  • You can get single waterproof mattress protectors that the mattress fits entirely inside. Washable and removes the risk of leaks at the edges. 
  • They are fluid proof and hygienic. As they can be wiped down, they rarely need washing. 
  • Waterproof mattresses are also available, like those used in hospitals which can save you a lot of work.  
  • Washable bed pads are easy to wash and quick to dry.   
  • Disposable bed pads can be expensive but can be convenient.  


Washing tips 

  • Napisan in your wash with a dash of washing up liquid too – is great for getting things back to the way they were. 
  • Vinegar in your washing machine helps to kill extra germs 
  • Marigold gloves, don’t risk getting sick by not using gloves! 
  • The classic Dettol antibacterial spray and cleaning cloths that we can pop into the washing machine after.  

 Floors and carpets 

  • Vanish powder was recommended for freshening up carpets. 
  • Outdoor rugs are waterproof! 
  • Consider ripping out carpets and replacing with laminate flooring if you can!  
  • Having said that – if you love your carpet there are some amazing carpet cleaning products on the market. Try a few and find your favourite. 
  • Try some plug-in air fresheners.  They work without you having to even think about them! 

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