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Using telecare

Telecare is equipment which can help keep the person you care for safe at home whilst you go out. 

Telecare includes a wide range of equipment, such as alarm pendants, cooker temperature guards, front door alarms etc.

For an overview of what is available, read Technology to Keep you Safe by Independent Age.

If you are caring for someone with dementia or memory loss, you might find What Assistive Technology is Available by Alzheimer's Society useful.

For a list of questions, you should consider when thinking about using telecare, read Age UK's article on Telecare.  Care Choices also provides a useful Assistive Technology Checklist raising a number of issues you need to consider before choosing telecare.

Age UK provides a personal alarm service.

Local information

Bedford Borough Council will carry out a specialist assessment and identify equipment that is needed.  To read more.

Central Bedfordshire Council offers a number of adaptations to a home and a Lifeline Alarm Service. To read more.

The Disability Resource Centre can also provide advice on equipment to use in the home.

If you are renting from a local housing association check to see what help they can offer.

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