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Here are some ideas on taking a holiday.

A Holiday by Yourself

 If you are able to arrange care, you might want to take a break by yourself.

You can apply for a carers grant to help cover the costs if needed.  To read more

If you are not able to afford a holiday then Care Free Breaks might be able to help. To read more.  Contact Carers in Bedfordshire to help you with your application.

After Umbrage offers a short break in a cottage for those caring for someone with a life-limiting condition.

The Disability Grants website has a list of other organisations offering grants for holidays.

Holidays Together

There are a number of organisations that provide holidays for people living with disabilities or health conditions.

Bond Hotel, Blackpool
Revitalise (They also offer grants if you cannot afford a holiday)

Dementia Adventure

Mind for You - Dementia Holidays

For more holiday ideas, check out Carers Trust page

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