Time For Yourself

Caring for someone can be daunting, especially if you are new to it. Here we have gathered some useful resources to help guide you as you navigate your caring role.  


Taking breaks from your caring role is vital to maintaining your own health and sense of wellbeing. It can be difficult to arrange, but it is important that you persist in finding the necessary support you need.  

Taking Breaks

When you’re caring for someone it can be easy to keep putting their needs before your own. However, the benefits of taking a break can be far reaching – whether it’s a short meditation, seeing friends or a trip away.  

Funding For A Break

Finding time for a break is one difficulty when caring for a loved one, but paying for it is another. If you are able to afford to pay for respite then the process is fairly simple, however if you are not able to afford this then getting a Carer’s Assessment should be your first step. 

A Carer’s Assessment will look at your needs and how you can be best supported in your caring role. For a lot of carers this includes taking a break for their caring role and if you are unable to fund this then your local authority may be able to help. Read through our Carer’s Assessment information to find out more and download our Respite guide to walk through the steps you need to take. 

Our Groups and Events

One of the ways to get short bursts of respite is by attending one of our groups or events. Even if you have to bring the person you care for along, they can still provide a welcome break.

Jane's Story

Jane shares her experience of navigating the system to get respite. She talks about the value of respite and ecourages other carers to seek support before things reach crisis point.

Time for a Care Home?

Taking the decision that it’s time for someone else to care for your loved one can be difficult and you want to be sure that the home you choose is the right one for them.

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