When Caring Ends

When the person you care for dies, it can be really tough to know how to move forward – not only have you lost the person you loved but you have lost your way of life.  It is important that you look after yourself during this time and continue to access support services. 

What next?

As a former carer, you are welcome at most of our ongoing group programmes. We run a monthly group specifically for former carers, from a variety of garden centres, across the county.  This is an opportunity to meet with others who have also been bereaved of the person they cared for. 

Former carers are also able to access a Bereavement Grant for up to a year post bereavement, to enable you to look after your wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Practitioner can support you with focusing on your own wellbeing.  We also find that many former carers access our carer counselling service to help them process what has happened; their thoughts and feelings. 

Additionally, we have a booklet available ‘Life after Bereavement’ which has been written in collaboration with other former carers.   

If you are struggling after the death of someone you cared for please do get in touch. In summary we offer a: 


Carers Trust also have some excellent resources that you may find helpful they can be found here.