Am I Bored?

Are you bored? Stuck for ideas of what to do? Do you need to take some time out for yourself at home? Here’s some great little activities, websites and resources that might help you unwind.  

What can I do?

Why not get involved?

Get involved in shaping the future for Young carers

Carers in Bedfordshire were one of the first to join the YCNV Young carers national voice

We meet regularly face to face or on line to campaign on improving the outcomes for young carer across the country.

If you would like to be part of this, please get in touch at

You can find more information here:

We are also looking for Young carers to join our Carers in Bedfordshire Young carers forum.

Our forum members will:

  • Meet regularly with the Young carers team and be the voice of the young carers
  • Help to plan activities and events throughout the year for young carers
  • Design and take part in videos to explain who young carers are, what they need from school to support them
  • Fundraise for young carers
  • Tell those who make the decisions what you really want and need

If you would like to join the forum please get in touch:

Why not get physical?

Sometimes when you’re bored doing something physical can be the best thing to get you motivated again. We have some great tips and ideas on our Physical Health page to get you up and moving. Click our characters below to get some ideas.