Emotional Support and Wellbeing

Looking after yourself can sometimes be difficult as a Young Carer, but it is really important. If you are not feeling your best other things in your life with be affected, like school or your friendships. Here we explain some ways you can look after yourself – or get extra help if you need. Click the button to see our full Wellbeing Toolkit especially designed for Young Carers.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is about how we are doing and feeling about our lives. 

Sometimes we might feel good, or sometimes we might feel sad. It is a different feeling for everyone and can change every day.

Everyone feels low sometimes, but the important thing is that you can do things to feel good again

I need someone to talk to - what support can Carers in Bedfordshire offer me?

It’s okay not to be okay – there is always someone who will be there to help, support, and listen to you. There is a list of some helpful people below. 

  • Parents/Carers 
  • School teacher 
  • Support Worker at CiB 
  • Wellbeing Practitioner at CiB 
  • School Counsellor 

Talking therapy, counselling and wellbeing support is offered through GP services and Carers in Bedfordshire. There are other apps and helplines that can be helpful.  

At Carers in Bedfordshire, our young carers team is made up with a whole team of staff that want to see you flourish! We have dedicated wellbeing practitioners who you are able to talk to about whatever it is you are feeling. We can come to visit you in school or talk to you over the phone. 

Useful Links

Helpful Apps

Wellbeing apps that you can download:

  • Breathr App – Designed for young people offering mindfulness exercises, which may be fun and accessible for you to try   
  • Self-Anxiety Management (SAM) App: SAM includes lots of information about anxiety, as well as calming activities to help you feel more relaxed   
  • Mindshift App: designed to help teenagers struggling with anxiety or low mood. It includes tracking tools, positive thinking activities, relaxation tips, and inspiring quotes/stories  
  • Pacifa App: aims to help with anxiety, depression and stress using techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness  
  • Headspace: guided meditation and mindfulness to help young people stress less and sleep better  

What can I do right now?

Why not try some mindful colouring? This works to focus your mind and allows you space to be calm and quiet. Download the image below or find one online that your prefer. 

Or if you are 14-17 years old you can pop into the Young Person’s Sanctuary – their opening times are below.