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Dementia Volunteer Befriending Service

Volunteer Dementia Befriender

Our small team of volunteers can provide a dementia befriending service for you and the person you care for with dementia. This can help to reduce isolation.

Please Note: Due to governement guidelines regarding Covid-19, all face-to-face befriending visits have stopped. We are now able to provide a phone call service until restrictions change. 

What is this service?

If you are registered with Carers in Bedfordshire as a carer or someone living with dementia, we may have a trained volunteer who can phone regularly. This service is free of charge.

Phone calls will usually be every week or fortnight on a Monday – Friday basis between 9.00am 5.00pm.  The same volunteer will call each time.

How can a phone call help?

  • Gives you as a carer a chance to share in how you're feeling or simply have a friendly chat to someone who understands your situation
  • Gives someone living with dementia a listening ear and someone to talk to 
  • Prevents feelings of isolation if you are living alone or unable to speak often with family and friends

How can I access this service?

By contacting the Memory Navigation Service on 0300 111 9090, to register interest. 

Sally Petre
Sally Petre

Sally Petre

Dementia Services Lead
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