Carers Card

A card is available to carers to prove that they care for someone.

What is a Carers Card?

Many carers use the card to prove they are a carer – at school, the shops, hospital, at work or leisure and sport venues. It saves you the bother of having to dig out other paperwork or answer lots of questions.

Some carers say just having it in their wallet gives them a sense of security – especially if the person they care for has a hidden disability.

Some shops, leisure and sports venues and other businesses will happily offer you a discount if you ask and then present your card. They recognise carers deserve this because of the vital role you play in society. You may be shy to ask, but you can say something like “Do you give a discount for carers? This card proves I am a carer”, then flourish your card with pride! You may even get a discount when shopping online if you enquire first.

“To me the card is a badge of honour, like wearing my poppy on Remembrance Sunday.”

“It really helps when accessing shops while making purchases for my elderly parents.”

Where can I get a Carers Card?

You may have received a Carers Card from us in the past, but we no longer offer this service. If you still feel that a Carers Card would be beneficial to you can choosse one of these other providers: