Carers Voice

You are an expert. Your experiences as an unpaid carer – good and bad – are very valuable. Your views can bring about positive change for the community of carers across Bedfordshire.

We are passionate that carers should be recognised and valued as expert partners in the planning and delivery of services to carers and the people they care for. We contribute to local and national campaigns for carers rights and issues, joining up with Carers UK, Carers Trust and local partners. Local authorities and others with responsibility for supporting carers often ask us for the views of carers.

Join your voice with other carers to make sure we are heard by service providers and the community. Together our movement can push for lasting changes to make life better.

How to have your voice –

  • Carers Forums – sign up to take part in conversations with other carers on different topics. If you can’t attend by Zoom or in person, you can email in your views.
  • Carers PanelMeet with the trustees so they get to hear the voice of carers when they make decisions that affect the charity.
  • Readers Panel – review our leaflets, guides, magazine and website now and again
  • Surveys – express your views in surveys that we will post here, on social media or email. These may be for other agencies such as the local authority.
  • Share your experience – hearing about a carer’s experience is very powerful. Other carers can feel less alone. And a carer’s story can highlight to the wider community what life can be like for a carer.
  • Ambassador – join our team of carers who are willing to spread the word within their community about your experiences and how to get support
  • Google review – when people are searching for support on the search engine, the more Google reviews we have the higher it places us, helping other carers to find us quickly.