Hospital Support

We can support you if you or the person you care for is admitted to Bedford Hospital or Luton & Dunstable University Hospital.

Hospital Support - Carers Hub

We are really pleased to be able to have reopened our Carers Hubs and welcome you back.

At the hubs you can receive support in a safe and confidential setting. We know a hospital admission can be scary for both you and the person you care for and we are experienced in understanding hospital processes around discharge and continuing care once back in the community. 

We can help with information, advice, practical or emotional support, as well as liaise with hospital staff if you have any queries about the treatment of the person you care for, or around discharge arrangements. If you are visiting the hospital or attending an outpatient appointment with the person you care for, then pop in and say hello.  

Bedford Hospital will be staffed Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm.

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital will be staffed Mondays and Fridays, 10am until 5pm. 

You can also complete the form below or call the number to get in touch with one of our support workers at the hubs on 07772 231230 or email

If you live in Luton you can receive general carer support via Carers Central, ring 0300 303 0201 or email

"Your support worker was there when I need a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen and understand." "I feel better after just talking about it."
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Are you or the person you care for being admitted to hospital?