Bereavement Grant

When your caring role comes to an end as a result of bereavement, you may feel you need more support for your wellbeing than ever. 

Bereaved carers can struggle to find their way following the death of someone they have been caring for.  In recognition of this we have a Bereavement Grant which is available for up to one-year after the person you care for passes away.  In the same way as the Carers Grant, you can apply for funding to enhance your wellbeing; this may be a break away from home, a spa day, counselling to help you process what has happened or anything else that you feel would benefit your wellbeing at this difficult time.

The application form is different but will still need to be endorsed by a professional.  You can download a copy here for completion.  The completed application will go through the same monthly grants panel.

Most of our services are open to bereaved carers including group support; bereaved carers are welcome at many groups and we have a specific former carers group that meets once a month at a variety of garden centres across the county.

Send your completed application form to