Larger Gifts For Specific Projects

Larger gifts mean we can go above and beyond in our support for carers

Making a larger gift

If you’re considering making a larger gift, thank you very much. Donations like yours are really important.

Donations are the most useful when we can use them wherever they are needed. However, we know that sometimes you want to donate to a project close to your heart.

We want to match your generosity to the projects which will most benefit carers. Below, you will find a list of items which need funding at the moment.

To keep administration costs to a minimum, we can only accept donations for the projects listed if you are able to donate the full amount.

If you would like to make a donation or if you have any questions about the projects below, please e-mail or call Jolene on 07462 125532.

An event for dementia carers

£400 would pay for a fun event for people with dementia and their carers. 

An event to put on the calendar and look forward to. This might be a swing dance or an afternoon tea.

Spending time with others improves wellbeing and at a Carers in Bedfordshire event, we don’t judge any challenging or inappropriate behaviour. Carers can relax and enjoy themselves with friends and the person they care for.

Carer card printer

£779 would pay for a new printer for carer cards.

Our current printer has served us well but is on its last legs. It needs to be replaced.

Many carers use the card to prove they are a carer – at school, the shops, hospital, or in leisure and sport venues. It is easier than carrying paperwork around.

Carers have told us that just having it in their wallet gives them a sense of security – especially if the person they care for has a hidden disability.