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Support for Young Carers

The Quilter Foundation invited Shani, one of our Young Carer Support workers, to talk about her personal experiences of being a Young Carer. 

Shani talks about her life as a Young Carer, her transition into a Young Adult Carer and what support is needed for young people caring for their family members or friends. Carers in Bedfordshire are thrilled to have been able to be a part of this fantastic project in support of young carers - you can watch the video here:

About the project:

Quilter plc has launched an innovative collaborative partnership through its charitable foundation with Carers Trust and The Mix. The partnership aims to invest around £1.5 million over three years to develop and deliver pioneering support services for young carers in the UK.

Thanks to the funding, Carers Trust, the UK’s largest charity supporting unpaid carers, will be able to deliver programmes that provide immediate relief to young carers who face barriers to their wellbeing, education or employment prospects. These include activities such as maths tuition, residentials, confidence building, coaching, mindfulness and wellbeing classes, CV building, skills training and public speaking.The programme will also look at inspiring long-term change by developing, piloting and evaluating new innovative programmes which support young carers to make positive changes along their journey into adulthood.

Paul Feeney, CEO of Quilter plc and Chair of The Quilter Foundation comments:

“Young people involved in the care of family members can feel isolated, struggle with mental health issues and tend to have poorer outcomes in education and employment. That’s not acceptable and we can do something about that. As part of our partnership Quilter plc employees will bring their passion and time to directly help young carers in their local communities through Carers Trust’s network.”

Giles Meyer, CEO of Carers Trust, says:

“We know that young carers are more likely to fall behind, be bullied and suffer from anxiety and depression. The impact of caring at this critical stage can severely impact their ability to prosper in adulthood. We’re thrilled to start a 3-year partnership with Quilter plc to address this issue. Funds raised for the partnership will help us make a real difference to young carers lives and achieve a step-change in public understanding of caring responsibilities and attitude to young carers”

You can read more about The Quilter Foundation and their work on their website here.

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