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Luton Town FC supports local carers


Luton Town FC kindly donated some free tickets to their home games to carers registered with Carers in Bedfordshire - Helping carers take some time out for themselves and make some memories with their loved ones.

Carers in Bedfordshire and Luton Town FC partnered to offer an opportunity for carers to see some local home matches.This opportunity has enabled 10 carers so far to focus on their wellbeing and have a good time with their families - a well-deserved break! 

In January, John, who cares for his mother who is living with dementia, was able to take his eight-year-old nephew Kenson, to his first ever big football match – Luton FC v Portsmouth.

The pair of them were able to sit in the home dug out to watch the players warm up on the pitch before the game and even took photographs with two of them. Kenson was one of the flag wavers as the players came out.

kenson players

John felt that taking being able to take Kenson really helped as it reminded John of attending his first ever game in the 1970s. He reflected on being able to take his nephew to his first ever match saying; “at the end of the match we were soaked, freezing and hungry but both very happy to have been there.

He later commented that despite the snowfall, he genuinely felt ‘a whole load of stress drain from [him]’.

To top off the experience, Luton won the match 3-2 and the atmosphere created memorable evening for them both.

Kenson’s dad stated that inviting John and Kenson to watch the game had been a ‘real lift’ for John as he spends a lot of time caring for his mother which is hard for him. He also commented that the game had really helped John to get out and bond with his nephew which was a very important step in both their lives

John, Kenson and Carers in Bedfordshire would like to express a huge thank you to everyone at Luton Town Football Club for organising this special experience for carers and for their support.

Find out more about this partnership via the video below:




Could you do something to help to support carers in your area?

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