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The Carers Choir is five years old


The Carers Choir is five years old

We started the Choir so carers could experience the benefits that singing can bring. In the words of our choir, these are:

“Light-hearted and fun”.

“Feel uplifted”.

“Wonderful to do something different”.

“It means friendship, happiness and time to enjoy company”.

“It is a great way to relax, and it relieves any depression”.

Five years on, the choir has not only benefited, they have shared their joy of singing with many others. They are truly “singing because we care”. They sung at St John’s Hospice, Moggerhanger, Carers Rest, Dame Alice Court, St Paul’s Christmas Tree Festival, Carers in Bedfordshire events and even took part in the Gareth Malone Auditions in London.

Led by Choir Master, Evelyn Sutherland, the Carers Choir is a group where all can join regardless of ability. As Doreen explains “Evelyn tells us we are never to apologise for singing a wrong note. She makes it fun and is caring.”

We asked Evelyn what the choir meant to her: “It has opened up a different world to me - of people who give up everything to care for someone else 24/7. They are always helping each other or others.”

We are proud of our choir, and their achievements. We wish them all the success for the next five years. We have created an online photo album showcasing the last 5 years of the choir, click here to see it all!

If you would like to join the choir, no previous singing ability needed, then ring 0300 111 1919.

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