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Skydive 2018


Well done and congratulations to our Carers Week 2018 Skydivers - who raised over £1500 for Carers in Bedfordshire! 

Our Skydivers, Gemma and Imelda both represented two local organisations who genourously chose Carers in Bedfordshire as their charity of the year - and went above and beyond to help raise funds towards our Services. 

Jumping at 8:30 in the morning, Imelda, of Sainsbury's Biggleswade Superstore, recieved support from dozens of people including Sainsbury's staff, regular customers, friends and family and all-together raised over £900! Read what Imelda says below:

I felt dizzy to start with but my instructor, Mark, calmed me down and I loved every second from then on...Really happy that the money is supporting local people, I’m lucky enough not to currently have a caring role and am in awe of how much work people put in to help those that need them so this is a really fantastic cause.

imelda 1imelda 2

Gemma, of Blue Bird Care Bedford, heroically jumped out of the plane, despite it being her first experience up in the air having never travelled by plane before! She raised over £650 for Carers in Bedfordshire, to compliment all of the genourous fundraising efforts that BlueBird Care Bedford made throughout Carers Week 2018.

gemma 3gemma 3gemma 3

Andrew Draycott, Carers in Bedfordshire's Fundraising Coordinator says:

 A huge thank you to Gemma and Imelda for their courage on the day as well as their incredible fundraising efforts! Raising over £1500 between them means that they have provided the equivalent of three days of training workshops to support Young Carers in their roles, this would go on to enhance the lives of  more than thirty families.

We rounded off Carers Week with an incredible challenge to help to support the services which give much needed support and information to Carers in the county of Bedfordshire. Again, a huge well-deserved thank you to the jumpers and to everyone who supported them.

Are you interested in SkyDiving for Carers in Bedfordshire? For more information, please contact Andrew Draycott via 0300 111 1919 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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