Volunteer FAQs

Here we aim to answer some of the questions that you might have about volunteering with us 

Frequently asked questions

That's fine! Let’s talk so we can work out how best you can get involved.

We understand. Volunteers are often busy people. And sometimes things come up so you may have to step back for a bit. We’re flexible – just keep us in the picture.

Volunteering can be a big tick on your cv. We know that people who are looking for work might not be able to commit to volunteering with us for very long – we appreciate any support you can give us.

As well as getting to know your team members, we arrange a social event for all volunteers each year. You’ll also be invited to a couple of volunteer forums each year to get updates about the charity

Some roles are attached to activities which happen on fixed days; some office-based roles are on a rota; other roles are completely flexible. You might also just want to share your specialist skill or interest as an advisory as and when we need it.

We do accept a small number of counselling training placements; if you are interested in work experience, please contact our HR advisor.

If you are from overseas, you must be eligible to volunteer in the UK. The rules can be complicated – check this guidance https://knowhow.ncvo.org.uk/your-team/volunteers/recruiting/volunteers-from-overseas

Please let us know if you have any additional needs that require reasonable adjustments that we may be able to accommodate

We cover travel expenses from home (within Bedfordshire) to your place of volunteering and travel during the course of your volunteering.

This is possible within specific rules, especially once you understand how we work.

We carry out a DBS check on each volunteer, depending on the role that they take on; we ask for 2 references.

Still have questions?