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121 IT Support

Help carers get connected!

You will be helping carers get the most out of their tablet, smart phone or occasionally their laptop. This can help relieve isolation, and enable carers to connect to others. Working in Biggleswade or Bedford office with individual carers, you will offer tailored support to carers using their own devices and working at their own pace. You will need to record the outcome of each session. You will also help the office staff with IT tasks and systems, troubleshooting and maintaining IT resource.

Martin provides this help at our Leighton Buzzard office to carers:

Hello, my name is Martin Walker and I am a volunteer with Carers in Bedfordshire. I provide one to one help with technology - laptops, tablets, ipads, mobile phones. I have worked with technology (computing) for more than 40 years and I love to help others get the most out of the equipment they have. 

People attend with a range of challenges, some with a fundamental fear of computers. Others have some understanding and need help with particular functions. Typical examples of problems include:

a) How do I use my tablet/laptop?

b) How do I use email? 

c) I am frightened of pressing the wrong key and making a mess

d) How do I get pictures from my phone into my laptop?

e) How do I make free phone calls to my relatives in Australia (or elsewhere!)?

f) How can I trust the internet?

g) What is "The Cloud" and what do I need to know about it?

I offer 45 minute one to one sessions on the first and third Wednesday of the month in Leighton Buzzard. I make sure I explain everything slowly and clearly with no technical jargon and guarantee to be slower than a typical grandchild!

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