Male Carers

Are you a dad, husband, son or brother looking after someone you love? We are here to help.

“It was the mid 2000s, and we were at some special needs something or other. As usual the room was full of women. Some of them were blinking at me, the only man, a bit confused, a tad distrustful. You could feel them thinking: “Why are you here? Men don’t care, do they?” 

(Mark looks after his adult son full-time, read his blog here)

We know that men care. You might be a dad, partner, son or brother looking after someone you love. 

Being a carer can be hard work. You might feel stressed, have money worries, or not know how to cope. You might be wondering if you’re doing everything right.

Carers in Bedfordshire can help you in lots of practical ways.

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