Professionals help identify carers every day. This section is designed to help you support carers and put them in touch with us.

General Practitioners

You meet many carers in your role. However, many people don’t see themselves as carers and aren’t aware of all the help and support available. That may harm their own health and wellbeing – and result in more appointments with you and in more admissions to hospital.

When carers are identified early and properly supported, they are better able to continue in their caring roles. It’s important that they register as carers with their GP, so that they can access all the services they need.

This NHS video highlights about how GPs can make life better for a carer.

Health and social care staff

We know that health and social care staff play a vital role in identifying and supporting carers.

We can support your staff with information and advice, provide speakers for your team meeting and attend your events with an information stand. We can also provide your agency with training opportunities and run specialist workshops. For more information please email

Useful publications can be downloaded and shared with carers you meet. 

Our talks for professionals are useful information sessions that are also a great chance to network. We invite you to join in with any of our workshops that interest you as a professional. You do not have to be a carer.

Hospital staff

Hospital is a good place for professionals to identify carers.  A hospital admission can begin a caring journey or sometimes lead to a more demanding caring role for which a carer is not always prepared.

Identifying carers is not exclusive to inpatients. The outpatients department is also a good place for staff to recognise when a carer seems upset or distressed.  If this is the case, it is easy to make an online referral to our support team.

Carers in Bedfordshire support workers are able to provide ongoing information, advice, practical and emotional support to carers who live in Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough. This includes hospital staff themselves.

Schools and Colleges

Young carers may experience isolation, difficulties coping at home, problems at school, lack of social experiences and often need information and advice on the illness or disability their family member may have.

Find out about our Schools award to see if your school can do more for young carers and to celebrate what you already do well

Young carer services for Bedford Borough

  • One to one support
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Clubs
  • Young carer and sibling carer workshops
  • Young Carers Breaks
  • Carers Grant

You, or a parent can fill our referral form on their behalf.

You can find information on youth services in Bedfordshire here

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