Transition Assessment

Young Carers aged 16 and 17 are entitled to a Transition Assessment, to consider if your support needs are changing as you approach adulthood.

A Transition Assessment is separate to a Young Carer’s Assessment. It is about the changes that might happen as you approach turning 18. It is likely you will be thinking about the future. You may be finishing secondary education, college, starting to look for a job, preparing to go to university or thinking about moving out of home. These changes mean that your needs will also change.

When you turn 18 there will also be some differences in the support services you can access. The services that are available to adult carers are not the same as those for young carers. A transition assessment is a way to find out if you need any extra support with making this move from being a young carer to being an adult carer. 

It can involve quite a lot of thinking on your part about what you really want to do with your life. You may never have considered this properly, and you may have just assumed that you would carry on with your current caring role as it is. But your future is important.

What are the benefits of an assessment?

A transition assessment can result in:

  • More support for you in looking after the person you care for, so you can prepare for the future and achieve the things you want to
  • A chance for you to take the time to really think hard about what you would like to achieve outside of being a carer
  • Providing you with details about additional support provided by colleges and universities for carers, such as bursaries
  • Finding out about support out there to help you find a job in a field you are interested in
  • Help you with contacting potential employers, attending university open days and applying for any benefits you are entitled to
  • Finding out about what support services are available to you when you reach 18 and are viewed as an adult carer

What will happen during the assessment?

During the assessment the following will be determined:

  • The amount, nature and type of care you provide and if this will change going forward
  • The extent to which this care is relied upon by your family to maintain the well-being of the person cared for
  • Whether the care you provide impacts upon your well-being, education, employment, training, future aspirations and your independence
  • How you’re presently managing in your caring role
  • Whether any of your support needs going forward could be prevented by providing services to the person you care for
  • Whether it is appropriate for you to provide care going forward 
  • What your current support needs are will be looked at and if they are likely to change as you approach 18

How do I get a Transition Assessment?

If you live in Bedford Borough

Carers in Bedfordshire will do this for every young carer aged 16 and 17 as a matter of course. If you are not registered with us already then do so by completing our online registration form. To speak to the Young Carers Team email or call 0300 111 1919.  

If you live in Central Bedfordshire

Central Bedfordshire Council will carry out the assessment. You will need to contact the council’s Access and Referral Hub on 0300 300 8585 or by emailing and request a transitions assessment.

Things to remember

The Care Act 2014 places a duty on local authorities to conduct transition assessments for young carers where there is a likely need for support after they turn 18. You can find out your rights when it comes to Carer’s Assessments in this Carers UK factsheet.