Young Carers Assessment

A young carers assessment will consider the impact the care and support a young carer provides is having on their own wellbeing.

It will also look at other aspects of their life, like education and seeing friends, and discuss what support would help them.

The local council will assess any carer who requests one or who appears to need support. It is a discussion between the carer and a trained member of council staff.

There is a requirement for the local authority to take into account the impact caring duties are having on a young person. Being a young carer can affect your physical and emotional health and impact on education or training.

The assessment will look at whether it is appropriate for the young carer to provide care for the person they care for. Inappropriate or excessive care is defined as anything which is likely to have an impact on the child’s health, wellbeing or education, or which is unsuitable for a particular child.

Who is involved in the assessment?

When conducting a young carer’s needs assessment, the local authority must involve:

  • The young carer.
  • The young carer’s parents.
  • Any person whom the young carer or their parents request be involved.

What will happen during the assessment?

During the assessment the local authority will determine the following:

  • The amount, nature and type of care which the young person provides.
  • The extent to which this care is relied upon by the family to maintain the well-being of the person cared for.
  • Whether the care which the young carer provides impacts upon the young carer’s well-being, education and development.
  • Whether any of the tasks which the young carer performs when providing care are excessive or inappropriate for the young carer to perform, having regard to all the circumstances, and in particular the carer’s age, sex, wishes and feelings.
  • Whether any of the young carer’s needs for support could be prevented by providing services to the person cared for, or another member of the young carer’s family.
  • What the young carer’s needs for support would be likely to be if the carer were relieved of part, or all of the tasks the young carer performs.

How to get a young carers assessment

Carers in Bedfordshire can carry out or arrange the young carers assessment, on behalf of the local authority for young carers who

  • are registered with us and
  • live in Bedford Borough or
  • live in Central Bedfordshire