Young and young adult Carer Stories

Here some young and young adult carers talk about their experiences, the rewards and the challenges they face

Rida’s story

Meet Rida, a young carer, who looks after her mother and helps take care of her younger brother. Her mum has epilepsy so both children take on more responsibilities in the home than you’d expect from children of their age. 

"The best thing about being a young carer is knowing that my mum is being cared for. I come to a lot of Carers in Bedfordshire things and get to talk to other young carers"

Jamaal’s story

Jamaal cares for his younger brother, who is 13. He has ADHD and Autism. 

Jamaal explains what it’s like to be a young carer.

"In my research about young carers I found we miss out on at least eight hours a week in terms of sleep and school work, let alone time for any socialising and concentrating on our own wellbeing.

Caring can be difficult, as it does take its toll on you and you have to be aware of your own mental health. If you do start to feel low, seek help if you can".

Jamaal Otieno

Eshe’s story

I’m closer to my younger brother than most siblings, we’re more like friends. He doesn’t have much contact with others his age.

"But I don’t see myself as a carer, I am his big sister. We’ve grown up together so my role has just evolved. I am only two years older – he was diagnosed when he was 5.

I’ve always looked out for him at school as he had a hard time there.Teachers thought they knew best how to help him but didn’t always get it right"